M4RI  20140914
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
 brilliantrussian.hM4RI and M4RM
 djb.hDan Bernstein's "Optimizing linear maps mod 2"
 echelonform.hRow echelon forms
 graycode.hGray code implementation
 io.hInput/output routines for matrices
 m4ri.hMain include file for the M4RI library
 misc.hHelper functions
 mmc.hThe mmc memory management functions check a cache for re-usable unused memory before asking the system for it
 mp.hMulticore matrix operations
 mzd.hDense matrices over GF(2) represented as a bit field
 mzp.hPermutation matrices
 parity.hCompute the parity of 64 words in parallel
 ple.hPLE and PLUQ matrix decomposition routines
 ple_russian.hPLE and PLUQ factorization using Gray codes
 solve.hSystem solving with matrix routines
 strassen.hMatrix operations using Strassen's formulas including Winograd's improvements
 triangular.hTriangular system solving with Matrix routines
 triangular_russian.hTRSM and TRTRI via Gray code tables